About Us

Our mission is to make it easy to be a Muslim in New Zealand by supporting individuals to be confident in who they are.

The Lote Tree Trust is a NGO based in South Auckland dedicated to providing quality services, critical infrastructure & faith-based guidance for the improved quality of life of our local Māngere Community and Muslims in New Zealand.

The Lote Tree Trust has been providing critical services for Muslims in New Zealand before its inauguration in 2015. Since our commencement as an official organisation, we have continued this path by establishing various projects that support both the needs of Muslims as faith-based individuals and as people of New Zealand.

Our services provide support to Muslims functioning in various areas of society, locally & globally, including:

  • Leadership project supporting the development of leaders with principles rooted in faith & identity
  • Faith based education and guidance for youth and adults in Auckland, Wellington & Christchurch
  • Publications of traditional faith-based texts
  • Studio Productions
  • Professional services providing governance advice & collaborative support to support management of other faith-based operation

Our Projects

Dar al-Quran (House of Quran) is a not for profit Quran school & regional community educational provider based in Auckland. Dar al Quran aims to provide students and attendees with the opportunity to access traditional Islamic education and study the Quranic sciences with qualified local teachers. The curriculum blends authentic sources and methods with relevant and effective pedagogical principles. We aim to train, nurture, and mentor New Zealand Muslims into confident and engaged citizens who will develop generations of Islamic community and leadership.
Muslims across New Zealand are doing amazing work to improve the lives of their communities. Being connected provides an opportunity for initiatives to collaborate and benefit from the experience of others which we believe makes us better and closer to achieving our collective goals. NZMLC is an initiative to connect and network Muslims working in community development across New Zealand, and provide professional development opportunities that empower them in their community development work.
The New Zealand Zakat Foundation aims to mobilise Zakat paid in New Zealand to strengthen our community. Zakat is a pillar of Islam, and is an institution that leverages the collective resources of a community to be directed to specific groups within that community. This enables that community to fulfill its communal obligation of protecting its weak and needy, investing in its future by paving the way for scholarship, and providing for its converts and vulnerable to lift them up.
The Halal Expo is an ongoing expo to provide a platform for booth stands, arts, fashion, food stalls showcasing halal and Muslim friendly businesses. The Halal expo delivers both a means to showcase Muslim centric foods and goods to both Muslims and non-Muslims in New Zealand. This initiative provides a platform for businesses to showcase and build their brands, whilst also providing attendees a space to celebrate and enjoy identities, arts and cultures.


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